Welcome to Prapple!

   Think you know what the word Prapple means?? Know what it looks like?!

Prapple is now having an art competition for our logo. Just email the logo in a jpg or bmp file to the addresses listed below. 
Welcome to prapple.comPrapple is not a bad word in another language, but rather the creation of one of prapple's co-founders, Po. Our second co-founder is the speller and word person who is spell checking this right now. His name is Oosh. My name is John Dran and I am the ordinary one.(Oosh just helped me spell that.) By the way, we are all guys.Here at prapple, you can find reviews of books, movies, games, and more. We have places where you can learn about music.If you're in doubt, just post it on the blog and Po will help you out in PO'S ADVICE COLUMN!!!!! To contact us, post a comment on our blog at Ask Po, or email us at po, oosh or john@prapple.com. Click HERE for a contact form.